Adam or Eve: Diablo As A Feminine Representation of Evil

Those hips don't lie, girl.

Eve. Delilah. Athaliah. Jezebel. The common link between these names is obvious – each belongs to a biblical woman who either is evil or is often interpreted as such. We all know the story of Eve; Delilah was a Hebrew temptress, Athaliah a murderous worshipper of Ba’al, and Jezebel a false propet. Added to the […]

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A Fine Line: Sex Appeal vs. Gratuity

My, what nice, uh, outfits you have.

With the maturation of the gaming community at large, sex has become a much more influential factor in modern video games. Once upon a time, Colonal Custard’s Revenge was considered racey (and remains controversial to this day, for obvious reasons), but many games now feature sex scenes as cinematics – The Witcher 2: Assassination of […]

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Finding Self-Confidence in a Previously Male-Dominated Industry

Women have been creeping slowly into the video game industry since its infancy. While it originally was a boy’s playground, women now comprise 47% of all gamers (thanks to ESA for the statistics), a fairly respectable number. Unfortunately, the time it took us to invade the lockers of gaming has resulted in a conflicted response […]

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to my blog, Frag Girl (guuuuuuuuuuuuuurl). I think the title says it all, but just in case, this blog is about all things gaming. I’ve loved video games since I was able to hold a controller; some of my childhood memories include racing my father in Mario Kart on the Nintendo. But […]

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