And The Semester Is Done!

Hello, everyone!

First of all, sorry about the lack of updates over the past few months. My fall semester was absolutely crazy, which left me no time to write for fun (boo!). Luckily, I am now on a schedule where I’ll be at class only two days a week, and after that, it’s off to the big time! That’s right – Frag Girl’s going to be graduating, folks.

I’ve already begun sorting through old notes and will have a new article up for this Friday. In the meantime, if you have any requests, please let me know – as always, I’m happy to tackle any issue you guys want to talk about.

Hope you’re having a great time, readers, and see you all this Friday!


Why I’m Not Offended By Sexy Halloween Costumes

Leg Avenue is a popular "sexy" Halloween costume designer in the US.

Leg Avenue is a popular “sexy” Halloween costume designer in the US.

Okay,  this is going a bit out of the usual range of topics for my blog, but bear with me, folks.

Please note that, if you are viewing Frag Girl at work today, this blog contains (linked) images that are not work-safe.

Googling "NSFW" yields interesting results!

Googling “NSFW” yields interesting results! Also, funny t-shirts.

This one goes out to the ladies. As a feminist and a woman who frequently criticizes oversexualization and objectification, I wanted to make it clear that there’s a difference between these complaints when they’re made in a legitimate format and when they’re just, well, egregious. For example, if I’m playing a video game and I see a woman in a chainmail bikini (in an environment that is otherwise serious), I’m going to roll my eyes and groan a little. In this case, the exposure is out of place and obviously meant for fanservice. It can occur in any genre, and, unsurprisingly, in real life – look at some of the women who dress up in about six inches of fabric for Comic Con, for example.

Pikachu, what are you doing!

Pikachu, what are you doing!

That said, sometimes you just have to have fun. To diverge from video games for a bit, I love the hell out of sexy Halloween costumes. Usually, they’re hilarious or adorable – just think of the little German barmaid costumes, for example. There is one day of the year where you as a woman (and hopefully of age – if you haven’t hit puberty yet, please dress as a princess instead) can dress up in something completely ridiculous and let loose, and that’s Halloween. Of course, if you saw someone in an outfit of this variety on any day of the week, it would be cause for frustration, but damn, don’t get your hackles up on a holiday that, in the adult portion of America, is celebrated with copious amounts of booze, candy, and bad taste.

After many long years spent in a coma, Link finally afforded the surgery he always desired.

After many long years spent in a coma, Link finally afforded the surgery he always desired.

In short, it’s fine to get upset when you see your gender exploited, but there are times when you can relax and just plain revel in audacity. It isn’t against the feminist code, so to speak, to dress up and have fun looking sexy for once. This is why you won’t see me complaining when I see a gal prancing down the street dressed as a “sexy” whatever on Halloween – as long as nothing illegal is showing.

As an unintentional bonus, sexy Halloween costumes also yield some hilarious results.  Go ahead and check out the Tumblr tag for Yandy, which showcases some of the best of the best.

Sexy Jane Goodall, I shit you not.

Sexy Jane Goodall, I shit you not.

PS -If you ever want a fun drinking game, play “Not A Costume” on (linked content is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)). The goal of the game is to go into any Halloween section of the site and see if you can find something that’s just plain lingerie mixed in, then take a shot. Have at it, persons of legal drinking age.

Upcoming Itinerary

Hello, readers!

First of all, thank you so much to all of you who have been reading and commenting on Frag Girl. I did not expect anyone to pay it much attention, and I am flattered that so many of you have been following my writings. On that note, if anyone would like to contribute a guest article at some point, please let me know – I would gladly welcome your opinions here on this blog.

As for the upcoming articles, the scheduling is as follows:

  • Tomb Raider Redux, A Woman’s Perspective
  • The Propriety of Guild Wars 2
  • Killer Vs. Killer: The Bleeding House Review
  • Frag Girl’s Top 5 Female Video Game Characters

Thank you for your patience. School is starting and I have been working two jobs all summer, so writing regularly is rough! I would be very glad to hear your opinions on scheduling, however. What days would you, the readers, like to see posts on from Frag Girl?

A Fine Line: Sex Appeal vs. Gratuity

With the maturation of the gaming community at large, sex has become a much more influential factor in modern video games. Once upon a time, Colonal Custard’s Revenge was considered racey (and remains controversial to this day, for obvious reasons), but many games now feature sex scenes as cinematics – The Witcher 2: Assassination of Kings, The Secret World, and the Grand Theft Auto series are just a few of such titles. In terms of just how graphic these instances are,the scenes range from mere implication (the oral scene in The Secret World) to softcore pornography (every sex scene in The Witcher 2 – one of my all time favorite games, but the fact still stands).

Now, I’m not one to judge sexual content. Everyone likes sex. It sells. It’s fun. But what do we, the gamers, get out of having these racy scenes? Do they really add to the finished product?

Personally, I feel that there’s a very fine line between acceptable sexual content in video games and gratuity. A tasteful implication, which is difficult enough to manage on its own, can say so much more than a graphic cinematic. I have never found myself offended by sex scenes, but I feel oftentimes that the video game industry could take a hint from daytime television and instill limits on what sort of content makes it into their games. There’s a difference between sex appeal and fan service: the former can be subtle but powerful, whereas the latter is better suited for less mature venues. All that is required to make this transition is a little more effort on the developers’ part.

“Show, don’t tell,” is a cliche for a reason. We, the gaming community, don’t need our hands held to know what’s going on; treat us like adults, and the industry as a whole will benefit.

What do you think? Do you feel that graphic sex scenes have a place in games, or should we as gamers endeavor for a more conservative angle? Keep in mind that games with these scenes are rated “MA” and will not fall into the hands of a minor unless illegally obtained or through parental consent.


Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my blog, Frag Girl (guuuuuuuuuuuuuurl). I think the title says it all, but just in case, this blog is about all things gaming. I’ve loved video games since I was able to hold a controller; some of my childhood memories include racing my father in Mario Kart on the Nintendo. But while I’ve always enjoyed gaming, I haven’t really done anything with it until now.

A few months ago, I joined DualShockers (an online gaming column found here) and discovered that it’s possible to combine work with play. Since then, I’ve become more and more interested in the industry, which eventually led to the page you’re reading now. Like many women out there, I intend to cover games from a female perspective – and I’d be delighted if you’d join me for the ride to come.