Adam or Eve: Diablo As A Feminine Representation of Evil

Eve. Delilah. Athaliah. Jezebel.

The common link between these names is obvious – each belongs to a biblical woman who either is evil or is often interpreted as such. We all know the story of Eve; Delilah was a Hebrew temptress, Athaliah a murderous worshipper of Ba’al, and Jezebel a false propet.

Added to the list of female evils based on religion is a new (and, at first, bewildering) character – Diablo. While Diablo of Diablo III fame is a much less significant figure in terms of culture, the pixelated devil has taken on the role of feminine evil in the latest installment to the Diablo series. Traditionally, Diablo has manifested itself as a male when infiltrating the mortal plane, but in 2012’s sequel, the devil took on a new form in the possession of Leah. Assisting the development of a female Diablo is the fact that it also consumed the soul of Andariel, who, up until Diablo III, was the sole female evil in the Diablo universe. These two factors resulted in the first manifestation of Diablo as a woman, which can be seen in the screenshot below.

Those hips don't lie, girl.

Those hips don’t lie, girl.

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  1. billiamhe says:

    Lucifer, the fairest of the angels. The devil is a woman in my book… What more can I say?
    Personally, this is a step up for womens rights to me. Wait wait hear me out. So often women are portraid as either helpless or useless side characters unless they’re the main character (not including the new Lara Croft reboot… Helpless and sexually abused). Now is the chance to see a woman shine as an anything but helpless uber villain… who just happens to be part of a long winded series. Blizzard started doung that with the Queen of Blades and has inspired more indepth female characters ever since.

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